A Change in ISP’s

After years of supporting Carrytel as my home Internet Service Provider, the new year has brought a new provider into my home due mainly to the proprietary approach Bell Canada (Virgin Plus) has taken to surpassing the traditional limits of VDSL2+ technology on copper lines. Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky Canadians that has the benefit of fibre optic lines directly into their home, so I was quite interested to learn about “pair bonding” technology, and with the help of a seasonal promotion, I decided to make the switch.

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The Impossible Financial Product

Like most other Canadians, I am a bit appalled at the lack of financial education I received in public schools. I’ve had to educate myself on the best ways to manage my financial affairs through trial and (sometimes painful) error. Today I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned in the hopes that you can glean something from it! I’d like frame this post by asking you to imagine you had a financial product that had no annual fee, and offered you the following benefits:

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A Practical Guide to Affordable Telecom in Canada

Recently I find myself having similar and repeated conversations with friends and family about the different ways they can save money on their telecommunications services. This has motivated me to write and maintain this blog post, which is intended as a practical guide to saving money on the telecommunication services that most people need.

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The personal cloud

I am happy to announce that I’m putting my foot into the web hosting business. Now, before I hear you groan, yes, I do realize that web hosts are a dime a dozen. I’ve made the decision with the particular idea in mind of staying small, providing a personal touch, and really thinking through specific use cases that provide value in light of today’s realities around privacy, data ownership, and control.

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