As part of [The Royal Canadian Mint’s] 2020 V-E Day collection, this premium piece bears a Victory privy mark and comes packaged in a special V-E Day beauty box. Its selectively gold-plated design highlights Canada’s involvement in the Allied food drops of 1945, which provided much-needed relief to millions of starving civilians still trapped behind enemy lines. And with a diameter of 76.25 mm, this is our largest Liberation of the Netherlands-themed tribute to the Canadians who fought for freedom on the ground and at sea, and to those who delivered hope from above.

“Operation Manna is a significant milestone in the Second World War and the shared history of the Netherlands and Canada. The operation, which involved air-dropping food and fuel supplies, saved thousands of Dutch citizens. We are proud that this coin highlights the crucial Canadian involvement in the Allied food drops in 1945. It is a fitting tribute to the Canadians who fought for our freedom. We will never forget!” His Excellency Henk van der Zwan, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Canada

[T]his 10 oz. pure silver coin […] celebrates the close friendship and shared history between Canada and the Netherlands.

Special features:

  • A BOND BETWEEN TWO NATIONS: This coin is a 10 oz.-sized celebration of the special relationship that exists between Canada and the Netherlands. Its design highlights Canada’s involvement in the food drops that cemented the bond forged between our two countries 75 years ago.
  • [THE MINT’S] LARGEST LIBERATION OF THE NETHERLANDS COMMEMORATIVE COIN: With a diameter of 76.25 mm, this 10 oz. coin allows for a wealth of finely engraved details that capture an emotionally charged event in history.
  • SELECTIVE GOLD PLATING: Selective gold plating highlights key symbols that tell the story of our bi-national friendship.
  • A VICTORY PRIVY MARK: Every coin in [the mint’s] 2020 75th Anniversary of V-E Day collection–including this premium piece–is distinguished by a special privy mark that was inspired by the 1945 Victory nickel design. (A modern-day version of Canada’s historic 5-cent coin is available as part of the 2020 Proof Dollar Set.)
  • A GROUND-LEVEL VIEW: Like the 2020 $10 Canadian Army and Battlefront coins, this design shows the Liberation of the Netherlands from the perspective of those who lived it. A ground-level perspective shows a Dutch civilian’s view of the Allied airdrops that provided relief from famine.
  • A HISTORIC OBVERSE: Like all Canadian coins issued in 1945, and like all [of the mint’s] 2020 V-E Day coins, this 99.99% pure silver coin features the effigy of King George VI by T.H. Paget.

Double-dated to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands (“1945” “2020”), the reverse design by Canadian artist John Mantha features a ground-level view of Operation Manna (April 29-May 8, 1945) from the perspective of Dutch civilians. Flying low over a designated drop zone in western Netherlands, one of the Lancaster bombers flown by Canadian aircrews of RAF Bomber Command has dropped her cargo. Selective gold plating highlights the bombers, the packages and the windmill on the reverse, as well as the rim on both sides. The selectively gold-plated obverse features the effigy of King George VI by T.H. Paget and a “V for Victory” privy mark.

Did you know…

  • Five Canadians (Flight Sergeant Robert Fairful Upcott, DFM, pilot, Sergeant William Arthur Walton, navigator; Sergeant William Gray, bomb aimer, Sergeant Charles Henry Orval Blower, mid-upper gunner and Sergeant William James Demo, rear gunner) were onboard the RAF Avro Lancaster that performed the first food drop. Named “Bad Penny,” the bomber took off in cloudy weather on April 29 with a full cargo and successfully made the drop over the Duindigt racetrack near The Hague.
  • What were in those packages? Food supplies included flour, sugar, margarine, salt, tinned meat and biscuits, dried milk and whole egg powder, coffee and tea, cheese, chocolate and potatoes.